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Electropolishing, sometimes called reverse electroplating, is an electrochemical process which polishes a metal surface by removing microscopic amounts of material from the work piece.The process is of interest because of its ability to enhance the material properties of metal parts in addition to changing their physical dimensions.  Electropolishing offers a number of benefits to metal surfaces such as:

Removal of impurities and improvement of corrosion resistance of a metal surface. (PASSIVATES)
Improvement of the appearance of a metal surface (HIGH LUSTER)
Improvement of the surface resistance to stain and bacteria.
The microstructure of the surface can be more accurately inspected.
Removal of surface defects improving the strength of certain metals.


E399-EPC            Console Mounted 200-amp System with Rinse Tank

E399                     Benchtop Single Station 50-amp Unit                    

E299                     Benchtop Single Station 25-amp Unit                   

E1085-1S              Benchtop Single Station 10-amp Unit            

E782-EP                Benchtop Mult-tank 25-amp System

EP-Wet Bench       Console Mounted 200-amp Mult-tank Integrated System

Electropolishing Chemicals and Electrolyte Solutions

ESMA brand electropolishing chemicals are uniquely formulated to work in combination with ESMA electropolishing systems to provide a controlled electrolytic process for polishing parts to a mirror-like finish, removing surface oxides and impurities, and even micro-finish size control. ESMA electropolishing chemicals are available for use on a variety of applications, including cobalt chrome, stainless steel, nickel chrome, and other alloys.

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