Electropolishers: Parts Polishing


ESMA’s E399 model is the perfect piece of electropolishing equipment for high quality polishing of parts. Treatment of a part in the E399 will improve the part’s quality while helping to increase your facility’s production output by doing so quickly. When compared to mechanical polishing methods, an electropolisher is can be more efficient and practical and provide superior results.

The E399 comes complete with a digital timing and temperature to allow for the highest possible degree of reliability when polishing various parts. The maximum polishing output of the unit is 24 volts DC at 50 amps.

The tank volume of the E399 is two gallons, which is enough to polish parts, medical instruments, jewelry and other small or medium size metal objects. The unit is made using a sturdy stainless steel frame and body that make it both durable and easy to clean.

How it Works

Electropolishing is a relatively basic process that employs electrical currents and some chemical reactions to thoroughly polish objects. Typically, the workpiece is immersed in a temperature-controlled bath of electrolyte and serves as the anode; it is connected to the positive terminal of a DC power supply, the negative terminal being attached to the in-tank cathode. A current passes from the anode, where metal on the surface is oxidized and dissolved in the electrolyte, to the cathode. At the cathode, a reduction reaction occurs, which normally produces hydrogen and oxygen. Scratches on the surface of the workpiece have peaks and valleys. The polishing or metal removal of the peak occurs more rapidly that in the valley and thereby smoothens the surface of the part.


Our E399 model comes loaded with lots of standard features that make electropolishing easier and more precise than ever before. These features include:

• A stainless steel cabinet
• Digital timer with push button start
• A voltage regulator with a digital DC meter
• Temperature controls and a cooling fan that can be turned off when not needed
• Inert cathodes
• A complete one year warranty on parts and labor

Applications of Parts Polishing

ESMA E205 Metal WashIn many industries, part polishing using an electropolisher is ideal to restore parts to their original appearance. There are many different applications that this technology could be used for, but a few of them are:

• Achieving brilliant shine and lustre on many components for cosmetic purposes
• Deburring of parts where mechanical deburring is impractical
• Surface treatment of stainless steel parts for passivation and improved surface quality
• Polishing precision components in the medical or aerospace industry
• Restoring metal automotive parts during a car restoration project
• Refurbishing equipment for use in the medical field
• Restoring important machine components or parts that cannot be replaced due to their rarity or age
• Polishing to restore the luster and shine of antique pieces of jewelry

Our Promise

ESMA is committed to providing you with the best ultrasonic and electropolishing equipment for your industry. We understand your need for durable equipment that is able to increase your efficiency and maximize your production output, which is exactly why we continue to innovate and develop solutions that meet your demands. We’ve been in business since 1972, and we’ve demonstrated time and again that we can offer not only quality equipment, but excellent customer service. Whether you need a new ultrasonic cleaner, want an electropolisher for deburring, or simply need to stock up on the right electrolyte cleaning solvent, you can be sure that we can help. Call us today with your questions. We promise that you won’t be disappointed by what ESMA has to offer.

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