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Esma ultrasonic aqueous cleaning equipment is designed and built to provide manufacturing operations an ultrasonic cleaning process that will easily integrate into virtually any manufacturing line. Esma ultrasonic cleaners are compatible with cGMP and are an important upstream factor for ensuring a validated state. Durable stainless steel construction, an unconditional 1-year warranty, and industry-recognized customer service make Esma ultrasonic aqueous cleaners a cost saving step for cleaning and passivation in many industries, in particular medical device and aerospace production.

Detergents Concentrates and Cleaning Solutions:

Esma brand ultrasonic aqueous cleaning solutions are uniquely formulated to aid Esma ultrasonic cleaners in the cleaning and passivation of top surfaces, internal bores, and blind cavities of medical device components. Esma ultrasonic solutions are available cleaning and passivation of all metals including polished aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, copper, brass, and ferrous metals.

Alkaline Detergents | Citric Acid Passivation Solutions

Passivation equipment and medical device cleaning systems from ESMA

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