Electropolishing Electrolytes: Industrial

Esma brand electropolishing solutions are uniquely formulated to work in combination with Esma electropolishing systems to provide a controlled electrolytic process for polishing parts to a mirror-like finish, removing surface oxides and impurities, and even micro-finish size control. By immersing the object that is being polished in an electrolyte solution within one of the system’s chambers, the material is interacting with a positive power supply when the machine is turned on. The current passing through the solution oxidizes the surface of metal objects in order to polish or deburr parts.

The chemical composition of an electropolishing solution can be changed to match the needs of whatever type of metal is being treated. Adjusting the electrolyte properties allows the solution to be used in ways that will not cause damage to the metal.

At Esma, we manufacture several high quality electropolishing solutions.

E272 Chrome - Cobalt: Our popular chrome cobalt solution is designed to polish and deburr metal parts with a chrome or cobalt finish.

E972 Stainless Steel: E972 is used to polish stainless steel items and parts. This solution will effectively restore stainless steel surfaces without causing damage.


E6040 Stainless Steel: E6040 is a strong acidic electrolyte for electropolishing stainless steel. Is effective on most stainless steel alloys


E581 Nickel: Many electrical components and other devices have nickel parts that must be polished delicately. With our nickel electropolishing solution, these parts can be cleaned safely.

Besides our quality electropolishing solutions, we also manufacture a complete line of electropolishers in many different sizes to meet your industrial or commercial needs.

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Esma has been manufacturing electropolishing and ultrasonic cleaning equipment since 1972. We offer complete electropolishing and ultrasonic cleaning systems for operations of various sizes. Our electropolishing solutions are trusted by businesses around the world for their effectiveness.

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