Electropolishing Electrolytes: Industrial


ESMA Nickel Electropolish E581 is a very mild electrolyte for electropolishing chromium-nickel. ESMA E581 provides superior luster on chromium-nickel parts. ESMA E581 is safe to use and emits no corrosive fumes (no muriatic acid in the formula).

Nickel is used in many different applications because it is an abundant metal that can conduct electricity. Because of this, many small electronic devices and components have some parts made of nickel. E581 solution from ESMA is the perfect solution for cleaning all nickel parts safely, no matter that application.

Unlike manual cleaning or deburring that many not be able to reach all of the cracks and crevices in a small piece of nickel, electropolishing with an electrolyte solution will reach the whole surface area of an object and leave it looking brand new.

Other Industrial Electropolishing Cleaning Solutions:

Besides our E581 solution, ESMA also manufactures and sells two other high quality electrolyte solutions:

Chrome-Cobalt: E272
Stainless Steel: E972
Stainless Steel: E6040

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