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An electropolisher is only as effective as the electrolyte solution that is used with it to polish metal parts. At ESMA, we understand that the right electropolishing chemicals make all of the different, which is why we offer a variety of solutions that are specifically designed to treat certain metal alloys. These solutions are trusted by customers around the world and have even been globally recognized for their excellence.

Among our electropolishing chemicals is our E272 formula. E272 was created to be used on chrome-cobalt objects. After filling the electropolishing tank with E272, you can insert chrome-cobalt parts and safely polish them. The result will be a part or instrument that is restored to its original appearance without compromising the strength of the metal alloy in any way.

What is the purpose of electropolishing chemicals? Simply put, an electropolisher works by drawing an electrical current through an electrolyte solution. The process is essentially the opposite of electro-plating as the workpiece is positively charged and the in-tank cathode is negatively charged. Surface metal from the workpiece is attracted to the cathode via the electrolytic bath and the result is a “smoothening” of polishing of the workpiece.

Superior Products from ESMA
ESMA Inc. is proud to manufacture high quality electropolishers, ultrasonic cleaners and chemical solutions for clients in many different industries. Our electrolyte solutions in particular have been globally recognized for their effectiveness. We have been in business since 1972, and in the decades since then we’ve continued to develop our technology and refine our approach.

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Other Industrial Electropolishing Cleaning Solutions:

Nickel: E581
Stainless Steel: E972
Stainless Steel: E6040

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