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Jewelry Polishing and Cleaning Equipment from ESMA, Inc.

ESMA ultrasonic jewelry cleaning and polishing equipment combines production volume capacities with a clean and polish luster beyond even that of hand polishing. ESMA ultrasonic cleaners use microscopic cavitation to clean and polish cavities and crevasses hand polishing cannot reachst; and is more gentle than vibratory or burnishing methods. ESMA ultrasonic cleaners are a cost saving step in production-level jewelry cleaning and polishing.

E386 Non-automated Cleaning System

E782 | E283 | E888 | E386 | E789

Jewelry Polishing & Cleaning Solutions

ESMA brand ultrasonic cleaning solutions are uniquely formulated to aid ESMA ultrasonic jewelry cleaners and polishers in gently removing compounds, fingerprints, soap, and other dirt. ESMA ultrasonic jewelry cleaning solutions will not cloud, dull, or scratch; and help reduce cleaning times, improving production speed and finish quality.

General Purpose | Compound Removers | Metal Wash

Passivation equipment and medical device cleaning systems from ESMA

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