Electropolishing: Dental Lab

ESMA electropolishing equipment has long been recognized within the dental lab market as an essential element in the efficient, profitable operation of a dental partials department. ESMA technological advances in electrode design and electrolyte formulation have virtually eliminated corroding electrodes, manual deep palate polishing, and burnt clasps. ESMA electropolishers are manufactured to ensure a repeatable, high-luster polish of dental parts such as stainless steel partials, retainers, appliances and brackets. ESMA electropolishers also provide highly controlled electropolishing technology for use in reducing and heat-treating arch wires and bands. Durable stainless steel construction, an unconditional 1-year warranty, and industry-recognized customer service make ESMA electropolishing equipment a productive part of dental and orthodontic labs.

Dental Lab Electropolishing

Electropolishing: Electrolyte Solutions

ESMA brand electropolishing electrolyte solutions are uniquely formulated to work in combination with ESMA electropolishing systems to provide a controlled electrolytic process for polishing dental and orthodontic parts to a mirror-like finish. ESMA electrolytes also work to remove surface oxides and impurities, and provide a controlled, micro-finish size reduction capability. ESMA electropolishing electrolyte solutions are available for use on a variety of metals, including chrome-cobalt, chrome-nickel, stainless steel and other alloys.

Dental Electrolyte Solutions

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