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The ESMA E279 is designed to reduce and polish arch wires, clean loose bands, polish retainer clasps, activate new bands, and clean solder flux. The ESMA E279 provides automatic cycle timing and temperature control; simplifying operator interaction and reducing labor costs. The ESMA E796 leaves a high-luster polish and thorough cleaning; even in deep recesses of dental and orthodontic parts. Durable stainless steel construction, an unconditional 1-year warranty, and industry-recognized customer service make the ESMA E279 electropolisher a productive part of dental and orthodontic offices.

E279 Dental Office Electropolisher
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"I own a dental lab since 2000. I use a E 279 polisher every week. A great piece of equipment! If you solder stainless steel wire this piece of equipment is a must. To clean the wire and solder joint usually takes 5 to 7 min. however, with the E 279 polisher it takes just 15 sec. What a time saver.!! My appliances look Great!

I purchased it from Esma in Dec. 2000. I clean it once a year and never had to send it back to be repaired. Miller Orthodontic Appliances Inc. would not be without one. A great product."

Dan Miller Owner Miller Orthodontic Appliances Inc.

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