Ultrasonic Cleaners: Dental & Medical

Pre-sterilization: Non-automated Cleaners

ESMA multi-tank, non-automated ultrasonic instrument cleaners effectively eliminate the time-consuming and potentially cross-contaminating processes of manually rinsing and drying dental, medical, and laboratory instruments. ESMA non-automated ultrasonic pre-sterilization equipment works to simplify the total process by using a unique ultrasonic rinse, hot water flush, and hot-air drying action. Hot water rinse removes drag-out contaminants and drains away dirty liquids. Manual rinsing and drying are eliminated, direct labor is reduced, cross-contamination is prevented, and instrument pre-sterilization quality is improved.

Dental Instrument Washers

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions: Dental & Medical

ESMA ultrasonic cleaner detergent solutions are uniquely formulated for the demanding requirements of the dental, medical, surgical, and laboratory environment. ESMA ultrasonic instrument cleaning concentrates work in combination with ESMA ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove tissue, blood and other protein-rich body fluids from metal and rubber surfaces of delicate instruments. ESMA ultrasonic solutions penetrate and disperse soils leaving a thoroughly pre-sterilized, polished instrument.

Dental Ultrasonic Solutions

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