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Esma E972

SS Electropolish E972 is a very mild electrolyte for electropolishing stainless steel. E972 is effective on 300 series stainless, 17-4 and some 400 series, high grade stainless.

SS Electropolish is a very mild alternative to other electropolishing solutions for stainless steel and has a low % acidity of less than 40%.

With electropolishing, the surface of the stainless steel is agitated at a microscopic level by the electrolyte solution. The result is a smooth, polished look that makes the part or object appear like it is brand new. This is virtually impossible with manual polishing methods.

With our E972 electrolyte solution, you can easily polish your stainless steel parts and instruments in an electropolisher and get the same great results every time without having to worry about causing any damage. Because the solution has been engineered specifically for use with stainless steel products, it will always polish effectively without hurting the metal.

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15-Gallon drum Shipping Weight 160 lbs- NMFC Class 65

55-Gallon drum Shipping Weight 650 lbs- NMFC Class 65

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Statement on E972 Color Variation

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