Passivation Chemicals: Industrial Applications

ESMA E964 Safe DeOxidizer for Stainless Steel, Copper, and Aluminum

ASTM Designation A967-01 Standard

DESCRIPTION: ESMA DeOX 964 is a concentrated blend of citric acid and detergents designed as a safe to handle alternative to traditional nitric acid passivation processes for stainless steel components. ESMA DeOX 964 is designed to meet ASTM Designation A967-01 standard for passivation of stainless steel. The detergent included in ESMA DeOX 964 accelerates passivation and helps assure uniformity. Pre-cleaning of components prior to passivation is recommended. ESMA DeOX 964 also removes tarnish and brightens copper and brass components, and descales, desmuts, and deoxidizes aluminum and electronic components. ESMA DeOX 964 also removes rust and heat scale from ferrous metal surfaces. Because of its acidity use of an acid-resistant tank is recommended.

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