Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals: Industrial Applications


ESMA E205 is a concentrated chemistry of near-neutral alkaline builders, particle dispersants, water conditioners, polymers, and deteregents formulated to penetrate and remove the most stubborn oil, grease, ink, and other tough shop soils. This formulation will safely clean parts prior to electroplating, anodizing, painting, or other coating processes. ESMA E205 is highly recommended for aluminum, zinc, ferrous alloys, and plastic. ESMA E205 will improve product appearance, eliminate rework, and increase labor productivity — it’s the right solution.

E205 was engineered to thoroughly clean metal surfaces before painting or treating the metal with another coating process. Using this solution in an ESMA ultrasonic cleaner will prep the metal by completely deburring and polishing it, removing any contamination that could otherwise end up compromising the quality of a coat of paint.

E205 is safe for use on soft metals such as zinc, aluminum, brass, or copper and will not corrode or tarnish these substrates. This formula has been proven to outperform other cleaners and it is very easy to handle.

ESMA also offer several other powerful cleaning solutions for electropolishers and ultrasonic cleaners, such as:

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