Electropolishers: Parts Polishing

ESMA E782-Benchtop

The ESMA E782-EP system combines a pre-cleaning stage, an electropolishing stage, and a post-polish rinse and dry operation all contained within one chassis. This unique surface finishing process virtually eliminates polish distortion and reduces production time by speeding the removal of residual electrolytes. A warm-air dryer ensures parts are immediately ready to move to the next stage of operation. The ESMA E782-EP includes a 25 amp electropolisher, a 300 watt ultrasonic cleaner and a 300 watt ultrasonic rinse tank.



Benefits of Electropolishing:

The difference between an object’s appearance before and after electropolishing can be drastic. Electropolishing isn’t just done because it gives the metal a better appearance and smoother surface afterwards, although that is part of it. There is also a functional purpose. Some metal is removed from the surface during electropolishing, but this is necessary to restore is to a uniform thickness. This makes electrical resistances even throughout the part instead of focusing the weak resistance points on depressions in the metal.

In contrast to a metal surface that has been polished using mechanical tools, an electropolished piece will always look better because not smudges, scratches or other marks will be left behind. This is because a very thin layer of the metal is actually removed during electropolishing, leaving behind the clean, unharmed metal underneath.

At ESMA, we manufacture several different electropolishing systems. Our diverse product lineup offers units with advantages for every industry.

Other ESMA Electropolisher Models:

E782-EPWB - This convenient unit houses a pre-cleaning stage, electropolishing, and a post-polish rinse all in one. The E782-EP is perfect for facilities in need of a complete electropolishing system. Three two gallon tanks make it easy to clean, polish, and rinse parts. The durable stainless steel cabinet is meant to sit atop a table or workbench.

E299 - Designed specifically for parts that need a high-luster finish, this unit is push button operated with a complete set of digital timer controls. Three one gallon tanks allow for three different stage of electropolishing in the same unit.

E399 - This unit helps to increase the overall quality of finished parts and increase the rate of production at the same time since it is much faster than mechanical polishing methods. The tank volume is two gallons, and a digital temperature control ensures reliable results.

E399-EPC - An upgrade to the benchtop E782-EP model, the E782-EPC is a console mounted unit capable of up to 200 amps DC and has a has a integrated rinse tank in the console.  The unit is mounted on casters for convenience and can be made in custom sizes.

E1085-1S - The E1085-1S model is for low-volume electropolishing of finished metal parts. This single station unit has a half gallon capacity while still offering all of the features of a larger electropolisher.


Electropolishing systems from ESMA are used by customers in many different industries for a variety of applications. These include things like:

  • Forgings
  • Pipe/tubing
  • Fittings
  • Sheet metal
  • Wire goods
  • Castings
ESMA E205 Metal Wash

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