Electropolishers: Parts Polishing


ESMA’s E299 unit is a complete 3-station electropolishing system. This particular unit is designed specifically for parts finishing and for operations that require a high luster finish. The E299 can treat corrosion resistant parts with a mid volume output. Convenient features like push -button operation and a built-in digital timer make the unit easy to control. The temperature can also be adjusted for greater precision. The E299 has a total maximum polishing output of 24 volts DC at 25 amps.

Like other units in ESMA’s electropolishing product lineup, the E299 has a host of features that make it the perfect choice for a variety of electropolishing applications. These features include things like:

  • A 304 stainless steel cabinet
  • One year warranty on all parts and labor
  • A cooling fan built into the unit
  • Digital temperature controls for greater precision
  • A digital timer

The E299 can be set on a tabletop in an office of lab setting and quickly connected to an external power source. It can polish stainless steel items in just a matter of seconds, and they will emerge looking brand new. For the best possible results, operators should use ESMA E972 stainless steel solution in this electropolisher.

If you need technical assistance with your unit, you can call our technical support line at 1-800-276-2466.

About ESMA Inc.
ESMA was founded in 1972. Our company has built a reputation for manufacturing quality electropolishers and ultrasonic cleaners. We’re also globally recognized for our cleaning solutions and electrolyte solutions. With ESMA’s products, you will be able to polish and deburr your metal parts safely and effectively. We have a range of units to suit various settings and applications. Contact us today to find out more or to place an order!


Cabinet Dimensions: 14"W x 17"L x 18"H
Tank Dimensions: 12"W x 6"L x 6"D
Tank Volume: 1 gallon
Current Capacity: 25 amps
Construction: All stainless steel, RFI filtered
Electrical: 120v AC

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