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Manual, "Tank-to-Tank" Ultrasonic Passivation Systems from Esma, Inc.

Esma's Multi-tank Ultrasonic Cleaning/Passivation Systems can be used as effective passivation lines by housing heated cleaning solution in tank1, cascading (DI) rinse waer in tank 2, heated passivation solution in tank 3, and a final cascading (DI) waer rinse in tank 4.  Tank 5 is an optional hot air dryer.  Manual systems require operators to move baskets from tank to tank, digital timers (alarms) will indicate when baskets are to be moved.  Systems can be used with both citric and nitric acid, however, it is recommended to look into our automated systems when using nitric acid.

Esma offers these systems in a variety of standard tank sizes, however, custom applications are very common.  We build systems to fit your needs and sizes.

ultrasonic passivation systems from ESMA

Esma offers these systems in a variety of styles and tank sizes (links below)

E782-CP-SA, Semi Automated






Detergents Concentrates and Cleaning Solutions:

Esma brand ultrasonic aqueous cleaning solutions are uniquely formulated to aid Esma ultrasonic cleaners in the cleaning and passivation of top surfaces, internal bores, and blind cavities of medical device components. Esma ultrasonic solutions are available cleaning and passivation of all metals including polished aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, copper, brass, and ferrous metals.

Alkaline Detergents | Citric Acid Passivation Solutions

Passivation equipment and medical device cleaning systems from ESMA
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