Electropolishing Electrolytes: Dental


ESMA’s powerful E273 solution is an electrolyte cleaning solution that is designed specifically for dental applications where stainless steel is the primary material. Orthodontists and orthodontic labs use E273 for wire reduction and band reconditioning on patient’s dental implants or other orthodontic hardware. Professionals both nationally and internationally trust the quality of our E273 solution on the job every single day.

With a solution like E273, cleaning of small objects is much faster and much more precise than any manual method. The electrolytes in the solution cause agitation on a microscopic level that can polish and deburr extremely small parts without damaging them.

With E273 from ESMA, you can polish dental parts and instruments made from a variety of metals to an almost brand new finish without damaging them. While E273 can be used for several metals, it is designed and recommended for stainless steel. This powerful formula will restore stainless steel to its original luster and quality.

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