Electropolishing Electrolytes: Dental


Esma-Brite E272 is a very mild electrolyte for electropolishing of Cobalt-Chrome. This newly developed solution is considered to be the very best on the market and is noted for the outstanding shine and penetration that it achieves. Esma-Brite is used in many markets including dental labs and medical device manufacturing. This product is currently used to polish stents, implants, dental castings and other implantable devices. Esma-Brite will yield unprecedented luster and superior shine and finish. Because there is no muriatic acid in the formula there are no corrosive fumes to manage. The low % acidity makes Esma-Brite very mild and relatively safe to handle.

Chrome-cobalt parts are often used for dental implants because they have a very high specific strength that prevents them from cracking or breaking with time. The properties are similar to stainless steel, and as such chrome-cobalt has a high resistance to corrosion. Chrome-cobalt is used in applications and industries that go far beyond dentistry. It’s also widely used for arterial stents and even jewelry because of its durability.

With the E272 electrolyte solution from ESMA, you can easily polish your chrome-cobalt parts in an electropolisher and get great results quickly. Our innovative electrolyte solution facilitates the current that is necessary to electropolish your parts effectively. All you have to do is place an order for E272 with us and we’ll send you whatever quantity you need for your workplace!

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