Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals: Dental and Medical


ESMA Tarter Cleaner E373 is a mildly acidic cleaning solution. ESMA E373 is a specially formulated solution for cleaning tartar accumulation on dentures and removing temporary or permanent cement on bridge work or crowns. ESMA E373 also cleans retainers, correctors, frankel and sagittal appliances, Schwartz plates, and bionators. Can be used ultrasonically or soaking. E373 is made ready to use, so do not dilute.

E373 is the perfect tartar cleaner for use in ultrasonic tanks, because that is exactly what it was designed for! The solution will clean and polish dentures to restore their finish and remove the buildup of tough or gritty tarter that comes with time. Anyone using E373 should be careful to avoid any skin contact as this mildly acidic formula may cause irritation.

Just as E373 is engineered for tartar cleaning in ultrasonic tanks, our other electrolyte solutions and cleaning chemicals are created with specific materials and applications in mind. Because of this, ESMA is able to offer superior products that are safe and effective, such as:

About ESMA
ESMA Inc. was founded in 1972. Since then, we’ve been manufacturing industrial electropolishers and ultrasonic cleaning equipment and supply it to customers across the country and around the world. Along the way, we’ve developed powerful cleaning solutions that work with our machines to clean, polish or deburr your parts effectively. With our unique approach, we actually transfer liquids to a single ultrasonic process chamber from heated storage tank. This creative method has proven to be both effective and efficient.

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