Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals: Dental and Medical

ESMA E2761

ESMA Instant Ultrasonics E2761 is a mildly acidic cleaning solution. When used in conjunction with ESMA ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing units, Instant Ultrasonics provides exceptional removal of cement from stainless steel dental instruments, bands retainers and dentures.

ESMA Instant Ultrasonics is formulated for use in ESMA dental ultrasonic cleaners and washers. Instant Ultrasonics is suitable for use on certain brass and stainless steel (not recommended on copper and most aluminums). ESMA Instant Ultrasonics is not a concentrate and is ready to use. Can be used directly in ultrasonic tanks and can be re-used for many days. Ultrasonic treatment times may vary from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. ESMA Instant Ultrasonics is not recommended for use on plated instruments.

ESMA Instant Ultrasonics is free-rinsing and safe to use due to its mild acidity. Instant Ultrasonics is a superior product for your tough cleaning problems.

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