Ultrasonic Cleaners: Medical Device Cleaning & Passivation


The ESMA E889 ultrasonic cleaner is designed to simplify the medical device cleaning process. Using pre-programmed cycles, the E889 uses a computer controller to run timed cycles of ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, and hot air drying. The E889 automated system reduces operator involvement, speeds total clean, rinse, dry process time, and improves medical device finished part quality.


Cabinet Dimensions: 28”W x 22”L x 39”H
Tank Dimensions: 24”W x 14”L x 12”D
Tank Volume: 18 gallons
Ultrasonic Power: 1800 watt
Construction: All stainless steel, RFI filtered
Electrical: 110v ultrasonic system, 230v hot air dryer

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