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E992 Automated Cleaning and Passivation System

The ESMA E992 is a self-contained, fully-automatic ultrasonic cleaner and passivation system. Within a single console, using a series of fill-and-drain sequences, parts are ultrasonically cleaned. Industrial parts are then repeatedly ultrasonically rinsed to ensure a thorough cleaning and passivation. After the final rinse the tank is drained and the hot air drying cycle occurs. Operator interaction is managed through a touchscreen interface; eliminating exposure to acids or sterilized parts. Durable stainless steel construction, an unconditional 1-year warranty, and industry-recognized customer service make the ESMA E992 passivation system a key factor to ensure an efficient, productive manufacturing process.


Cabinet Dimensions: 28"W x 22"L x 39"H
Tank Dimensions: 24"W x 14"L x 12"D
Tank Volume: 18 gallons
Storage Tanks: 30"W x 15"L x 30"D each of (3)
Ultrasonic Power: 1800 watts
Hot Air Dryer: 3000 watts
Construction: All stainless steel, RFI filtered
Electrical: 120v ultrasonic system, 230v hot air dryer

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