Electropolishers: Parts Deburring


If you are looking for a high quality electropolishing system for your precision deburring needs, the E782 model from ESMA is the perfect tool for the job. Deburring along with electropolishing, while more labor intensive as compared to mass deburring, is sometimes the only alternative for hard to reach burrs or deburring where controlled metal removal is critical.

This versatile system combines a pre-cleaning stage, an electropolishing stage, and a post-polish rinse. Having each stage available in one unit makes deburring more efficient and convenient than ever before. A warm air-dryer that is integrated into the unit helps ensure that parts are dry after cleaning so that they are ready to be moved on to the next phase of production.

This model can be purchased with either a 25 or 50 watt electropolisher, while the rinsing and electropolishing tanks are both rated for 300 watts. The E782 is housed in a stainless steel body, making it easy to clean both the outside and inside of the unit.

Here’s how the three steps that this machine accomplished work:

  • Pre-Cleaning - This stage preps the metal using ultrasonic cleaning to remove any oils, debris or scum that will tarnish the results of the polishing phase.
  • Electropolishing - During electropolishing, the electric current created by the machine passes directly through the submerged object, which is how the polishing is accomplished.
  • Post-Cleaning - During the post-cleaning stage, the object in the bath is rinsed off to remove any electrolytes from the part.


The E782 Electropolisher is a great piece of deburring equipment that has many distinguishing features. These include:

  • 304 stainless steel cabinet
  • Digital controls.
  • Thermostatically controlled electrolytic bath.
  • Inert cathodes
  • 300 watt ultrasonics in the cleaner tank and the rinser tank
  • 500 watts internal, adjustable heat on ultrasonic cleaner tank
  • Units can be modified with cooling coils for use with low temperature electrolytes, such as those used to polish nickel titanium (nitinol)

Applications of Ultrasonic Deburring:

You might be wondering where and how ultrasonic deburring can be used. The trust is that it has many different applications, but here are just a few examples:

  • To strip and refinishing automotive parts for restoration
  • Refinishing equipment for the medical field
  • Restoring important machine components
  • Restoring the luster to large pieces of jewelry

Ultrasonic deburring is a versatile process that can be useful in almost an industry that works with metal parts. Because the process is so effective, many companies forgo mechanical deburring methods altogether and only use an ultrasonic deburring system.

An Assurance of Quality

Since 1972, ESMA has been a trusted manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and solutions. We’re dedicated to building and selling quality products that help you clean parts in your industry. From medical institutions to jewelry shops to dental labs, the applications that ESMA’s ultrasonic machines are used for all benefit from the quality of our equipment. Even the chemical solutions that we create for use in ultrasonic cleaning machines have been recognized for their effectiveness. Our cobalt chromium, for example, is now the go-to cleaning product for many medical facilities around the world. Use one of our products and you’ll quickly discover why we are considered to be such a reputable manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners and solvents.


Cabinet Dimensions: 46"W x 18"L x 12"H
EP Tank: 12"W x 6"L x 6"D
EP Tank Volume: 2 gallons
Current Capacity: 25 amps
Ultrasonic Tanks: 12"W x 10"L x 8"D
Tank Volume: 3.5 gallons
Ultrasonic Power: 300 watts per tank
Electrical: All stainless steel, RFI filtered
Electrical: 120v AC

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