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Ultrasonic Cleaners: Industrial Parts Cleaning
E1002 Automated Cleaning System

The ESMA E1002 automatic ultrasonic cleaning system is a single-tank, multi-function ultrasonic wash, rinse, and hot-air drying unit. The E1002 is available with integrated, heated storage tanks to hold, filter, and store cleaning solution and rinse water. A closed-process passivation system design cleans, rinses, passivates, re-rinses, and dries parts automatically, reducing labor and operator exposure to acids and chemicals.


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Cabinet Dimensions: 13”W x 24”L x 18 ”H
Tank Dimensions: 10”W x 12”L x 8 ”D
Tank Volume: 3.5 gallons
Ultrasonic Power: 1500 watt
Construction: All stainless steel, RFI filtered, UL listed
Electrical: 120v ultrasonic system

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