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Ultrasonic Cleaners: Circuit Board Cleaning

The ESMA E188T ultrasonic cleaning system introduces a gentle tumbling action into the PCBcleaning and drying processes. The tumbling action works to loosen paste, solder, and other debris that accumulates in gaps and cavities. This process allows the ultrasonic action to clean blind and complex part areas. This action also works to ensure a faster and more thorough drying of the electronic assembly. The E188T can be manufactured as a fully-automated cleaning, rinsing, drying system; the model E700T.

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Cabinet Dimensions: 15”W x 26”L x 15”H
Tank Dimensions: 12”W x 18”L x 10”D
Tank Volume: 9 gallons
Ultrasonic Power: 900 watts per tank
Construction: All stainless steel, RFI filtered
Electrical: 120v ultrasonic system

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